Our Story

Created to fulfill a need in the community for accessible, ongoing technology education for seniors, the Seniors' Computer Lab Project is designed to remove the existing barriers many seniors face in accessing similar learning programs and resources in the community.

By working with Niagara Regional Housing, which provides subsidized housing for seniors throughout the Niagara region, the Computer Lab Project started out as an intergenerational tech-skills learning program designed to "take the school to the learner", focused on making Wi-Fi, computers, and training available to seniors despite barriers such as lack of mobility, economic hardship, and lack of access.

The first Seniors' Computer Lab location opened in September 2016 at 4278 Queen Street in Beamsville. There are currently 27 labs in operation in NRH residences for seniors. Through partnerships with a number of community organisations throughout Niagara, and because of the necessity for seniors to stay connected during the COVID19 pandemic, the Seniors' Computer Lab Project has expanded beyond NRH to reach out to and include seniors wherever they live throughout the entire Niagara region.