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Created to fulfill a need in the community for accessible, ongoing technology education for seniors, the Seniors' Computer Lab Project is designed to remove the existing barriers many seniors face in accessing similar learning programs and resources in the community.

By working with Niagara Regional Housing, which provides subsidized housing for seniors throughout the Niagara region, the Computer Lab Project started out as an intergenerational tech-skills learning program designed to "take the school to the learner", focused on making Wi-Fi, computers, and training available to seniors despite barriers such as lack of mobility, economic hardship, and lack of access.

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Programs & Workshops

The Senior Computer Lab Project has an expertly crafted curriculum to teach basic digital literacy skills to seniors. Learn about creative writing in an online environment journaling and sharing stories in our weekly workshops. Our digital learning instructors will help guide you through your internet learning experience aiding you in improving your digital literacy skills. The digital learning instructors will familiarize you with technology and the internet by expanding your knowledge and promoting a healthy mindset. Join the Senior Computer Lab Project today and meet the digital learning volunteer that will be mentoring you to feel more secure in joining the digital community.

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If you need a one-to-one mentor session appointment to help you with you Zoom, Or for help with the McMaster apps in the Niagara stories program, call 1-844-217-3057 for tech support or go

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